Investing in crypto coins can be very profitable but at the same time very risky, so we wanted to try to find a way for sure profit.
We were investigating this, many days now and we finally have a conclusion.

You need to find a coin that it has price 0.0000008 or 0.0000010 but you need to check also the graph that the specific coin it has a stability and not volarity.
We suggest you the coin TNB and STMX(currently pumbed 03/02/21 ) but watch out if they were pumbed before because then you ll lose. We need the prices to be from 08 until 10.

Now how it works ? For example you buy in 0.0000008 and you sell in 0.0000009 this is around 12% profit.
You need to have patience due to high volume of orders.
When you add the buy order then add immediately sell order increasing by 1 the price.

If you are looking for a good and fast verification cryptocurrency exchange we can assure you that Binance is what you are looking for.
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