Mining Bitcoin Browser

Nowdays everyone is searching to find ways to earn money from home,
but there are a lot of scam services.
Finally CryptoTab is what you are looking for but the most important benefit is that CryptoTab pays out.

The only thing you have to do it to download the CryptoTab Browser , install it and then just use it in your daily routine.
Watch your movies, crawl the web, use your social pages , do your work.
While you are using it you ll mine altcoins that automatically are converted to Bitcoins.
CryptoTab pays only in Bitcoin and this is also one very good advantage for using this service.

Referral system is one of the big advantages that CryptoTab offers. When you download your browser you ll get a referral link in your dashboard where you can use it to invite your friends through your social pages.
You can get commisions from their mining up to 10 levels which is huge!!!

All payments are executed from 12-24 hours from the withdrawal request.
You ll only need to have a BTC wallet address.

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