Crypto Pumb

In the last months crypto pumb is being used more and more from small groups of investors up to high investors.
Basically they organize a massive BUY wave in a specific time period and at the same time they add buy blocks so they can stop the sale waves.
When they reach a desired +% then they massive sell and gain huge profits, but as you can notice this is very very risky.

The target from this investors groups are the amateur investors where they believe they can make easy money very fast, but here you need to be clever and very fast also.

Our suggestion is when you want to enter a Crypto Pumb you must first decide a small profit % that you want to get ( e.x. max 20%-30% ) and at the same time you need to enter in huge pump groups.

We believe that every new investor must invest safely and also have a small budget to <<gamble>> on high risks options.

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