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Silver Stonks (SSTX) is a token built on Binance Smart Chain and is available on PancakeSwap on Saturday, July 10th. Our team members have a diverse background, in tech, finance and precious metals, among other experiences. We decided to create this project given the worries many have experienced this past year with inflation. Our mission is to educate people about the benefits of investing in silver, to make buying silver easy and fun, and to grow the token’s utility by being able to use it to buy our .999 fine silver proc

According to the graph from the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in the image above, just over 35% of all the American dollars ever printed by the U.S. government has been printed in the past year. The area highlighted in yellow
on the graph shows a parabolic move in the printing of money. This is something that may be typical in the cryptocurrency world, given that it is a new technology, but to see this with the world’s default currency is highly alarming. 

Increasing the money supply faster than the growth in real output will cause inflation. This is because there are more dollars chasing the same number of goods. Even if you may not have personally noticed it, inflation is here. Given this reality, one of the core purposes of Silver Stonks is to educate people about this so that they know how to protect themselves. 

At our very core, the project was born out of concerns over inflation and the health of the world economy. One way to help investors fight inflation is to allocate a portion of their portfolio to precious metals. Amongst the different precious metals, the price of silver is set to see a higher percentage gain than gold in the coming years.
This is because silver is more accessible and versatile than gold, and the price is only about 1/60th to the price of gold. Over the next ten years, conservative estimates project the price of a gram of silver to rise to approximately $4 per gram. Most people do not understand the value of allocating a part of their portfolio to precious metals, let alone silver.

One of the barriers the silver market has, apart from educating the retail investor who would not typically be interested in silver, is that it is an older market. Younger generations think of cryptocurrency as opposed to silver, when a detailed, smart investor should really diversify and allocate a portion of their portfolio to both assets. Furthermore, a typical bullion dealer has an overwhelming amount of different metals that may confuse new investors or scare them away because they do not know where to start. 

Taking these barriers into consideration we decided to combine the attractive aspects of investing in silver with a cryptocurrency and came up with Silver Stonks. The token’s protocol was designed around the silver market. 

We created 2.3 trillion tokens to start with. This amount is equivalent to the estimated amount of grams of silver that exist in the world and the amount that is left to mine. With every transaction, there is a redistribution fee that gets redistributed to token holders, a liquidity pool and a treasury. This means that just for holding Silver Stonks’ tokens in your wallet, you are receiving interest from the other transactions that occur each day. The automatic liquidity pool helps ensure there is enough liquidity on our defi exchange, PancakeSwap. Lastly, the funds that go to the treasury are meant to be spent to promote the project, to give additional rewards to the community and to burn excess tokens. 

When we burn tokens, it means that we remove a certain amount of tokens from circulation forever. This reduces the amount of tokens in existence, making the token more scarce. Increasing a token’s scarcity helps grow the project, since this means we are able to achieve a realistic market cap. Each transaction allocates a small portion to the treasury wallet. A portion of that allocation is the amount of tokens that will be burned each quarter. As we slowly start burning tokens, we can gain market cap in a healthy, sustainable manner as well as focus on increasing the token’s utility. We will burn tokens each quarter until we reach a total of 100 Billion tokens, which represent the approximate amount of .999 fine silver that exists in the world.

Our team is currently working on the store-side of our website, where members can purchase our .999 fine silver products. We created .999 fine Silver Stonks rounds of silver. We are also working on other cool products that incorporate silver in unique ways. The proceeds go to support the project and grow the brand. Together, the token and the brand support each other to create a community interested and educated about their personal finances, building wealth, cryptocurrency, and how to protect themselves against inflation. 

After we finish our website, we have two big goals. The first is to build out the technology to allow our members to use our token to purchase our .999 fine silver products. This will give the token a big utility that is unique to Silver Stonks. The second goal is to grow our token’s adoption amongst other bullion dealers as a form of payment. 

We noticed that bullion dealers that accept cryptocurrency, often accept Doge coin, a meme, inflationary coin, as a form of payment, which is something we found interesting.

If some accept Doge coin, then they will likely be willing to accept Silver Stonks which is deflationary. We just have to prove the concept with our own products and build a strong community behind us. 

We have a five year timeline to reach these goals. We are confident in our project and know it is going to take some time to get there, as it is no easy task. If you want to learn more about Silver Stonks, join our growing community on telegram, or any of our other social media channels:

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